First Sweden Democrat mayor resigns over old social media posts

By On October 22, 2018

First Sweden Democrat mayor resigns over old social media posts

"The media attention that has been directed at my person has made in impossible for the party in (Skåne town) Hörby to instead focus on what's important: Hörby's future and the policies we want to pursue for the municipality," Borg said in a statement on Monday.

Anti-racism magazine Expo investigated Borg's activity on social media, and found he had shared extremist far-right and anti-Semitic content, as well as making homophobic statements including comparing LGBT people to necrophiliacs and paedophiles.

Replacing Borg, the party's deputy group leader in Hörby, Cecilia Bladh in Zito, will be put forward for the role of mayor.

The move is a blow for the SD, which became the largest party in the town of Hörby after elections on September 9th, with a total of 35.4 percent of the vote.

Earlier in October, the Mod erate Party and the local Swedish Senior Citizen Interest Party agreed to join an electoral alliance with the SD.

At the time, Borg told the TT newswire: "It feels fantastic, and also a big responsibility. If I fail in my role there will naturally be a big backlash."

Source: Google News Sweden | Netizen 24 Sweden

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