What Devils are saying about playing in Switzerland, Sweden

By On September 30, 2018

What Devils are saying about playing in Switzerland, Sweden

New Jersey Devils

What Devils are saying about playing in Switzerland, Sweden
By Chris Ryan | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

The Devils are currently in Bern, Switzerland, for the start of their nine-day stay in Europe. Following one final exhibition game against SC Bern on Monday, the Devils will head to Gothenburg, Sweden, where they will play their first game of the 2018-19 regular season against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday.

The trek to Switzerland and Sweden is certainly a unique one for the Devils to start the season, and one the team won't do every year. Here's what Devils players and coaches said about the chance at a unique experience.

Nico Hischier

Hischier, who is one of two Devils playing in his home country in Switzerland, is plenty familiar with Bern. He trains there during the offseason, and when he plays SC Bern on Monday, he'll see plenty of familiar faces skating for the opponent. Off the ice, he may even serve as tour guide for his Devils teammates.

"I’ll probably just show them around a little bit. It’s a lot different than New York. It’s smaller and it’s older but it’s a really nice city. I really like it there and I spend my summers there so it’s a really nice city.."

Swiss Skill Hockey
Mirco Mueller

"I haven’t played at home â€" at least hockey that matters â€" for a while. I’m really excited to go back and just hopefully see a lot of people that I know through hockey and maybe some friends too. It will be awesome for our group too, just to kind of bond and just do something different and go somewhere else. Maybe I can show them around a bit if they want to some stuff. Or if someone wants to buy a watch or something. Guys are already asking me. I’ll try my best to help them out.”

Taylor Hall

"It's a great opportunity and it might be a little different if we had new faces, but it's primarily the sam e team as last year. So the fact we can get back together and start everything again is real exciting and whether it's the long flight or going and seeing attractions or just playing the games, i think that's something you remember for a long time and it hopefully brings us a lot closer, maybe closer than we are, so I think the fact we're able to go to Europe for our jobs and play hockey we're pretty lucky so don't take it for granted and enjoy as much as you can.

Juuse Saros,Taylor Hall

(It's) how excited they get for little scoring chan ces or a penalty, things like that. The atmosphere is pretty electric and i think Bern might be even more crazy than Sweden. i heard some really good things about the crowd there and the soccer chants they have going all game long are interesting. something you can't take for granted."

Source: Google News Sweden | Netizen 24 Sweden

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