Sweden's early summer heatwave set for a pause

By On June 11, 2018

Sweden's early summer heatwave set for a pause

"Yesterday it was 30.1 C in Halmstad, and even today we have around 30C in several places," SMHI meteorologist Jon Jörpeland said on Sunday.

Early on Sunday afternoon, the temperature in Stockholm was just under 30C, while many spots measured 28C, including Arvika, Örebro, Eskilstuna, Norrköping, Uppsala, Målilla and Torup.

But from today onwards, a drop in temperatures is predicted. Monday morning brought cloud and light rain to Stockholm, with cooler weather forecast for the rest of the week.

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"We're moving towards more normal June temperatures," said Jörpeland. "It's going to get a bit more unsteady, we won't have this stable high pressure any more. There will be more showers over southern Sweden, Svealand and Götaland."

SMHI forecast r ain and thunderstorms over northern Svealand and southern Norrland on Monday, where some areas might see substantial rainfall.

The rain will continue through the week, mostly in short bursts but northern Sweden can expect more sustained rainfall around Friday.

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Source: Google News Sweden | Netizen 24 Sweden

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