Police search for suspected hit-and-run kidnapper in Sweden

By On June 16, 2018

Police search for suspected hit-and-run kidnapper in Sweden

The boy, aged around 10, was cycling in a parking lot together with his friends on Wednesday when the incident occurred. When the collision happened "the boy flew (through the air) and the bike was destroyed," Daniel Wikdahl from Uppsala police explained to news agency TT.

Soon after the driver stopped the car, reversed, then forced the boy to get in the vehicle before driving away, according to witnesses.

Police searched for the boy in hospitals near the area. An hour later he eventually appeared, having been released by the driver.

The identity of the person who carried out the hit-and-run is currently unknown, as is the reason for him acting the way he did. Police are hoping for information from the public to help their cause.

"Only the driver knows why he acted the way he did. It indicates a tremendous amount of recklessness," Wikdahl noted.

The police investigation into the incident covers carelessness in traffic, leaving the scene of a crime, negligence leading to injury, deprivation of liberty and illegal use of force.

The boy has been taken to hospital and is conscious.

Source: Google News Sweden | Netizen 24 Sweden

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