Sweden's heatwave hits 30C and breaks several records

By On May 30, 2018

Sweden's heatwave hits 30C and breaks several records

Hudiksvall on the east coast was the warmest place in Sweden on Tuesday, peaking at 30.3C.

But most of the country basked in what is already the hottest May on record in some parts.

Junsele in northern Sweden and Landsort in the Nynäshamn archipelago both had their hottest May temperatures since records began (Junsele 28.5C, May 15th; Landsort 23.2C, May 16th), and Halmstad and Uppsala broke more than 100-year-old records (29.2C and 29.3C) on May 16th.

In Malmö in southern Sweden, around 500 pupils were sent home from the Västra Hamnen school on Tuesday after the ventilation system broke down and indoor temperatures started approaching 30C.

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The heatwave has been good news for ice cream sellers. Gothenburg-based Triumf Glass said it had increased its sales 60 perc ent in the first half of May compared to the same period last year, and Halland-based Sia Glass said it had so far increased its ice cream sales by 3 million litres.

But the warm and dry weather is not all positive, and there are currently grass and forest fire warnings in place across all of Sweden apart from the mountains in the very far north-west.

Barbecue bans are in place in several parts of the country, including Stockholm county (but don't worry: we have listed a number of permitted sites specially constructed for safe barbecuing in this article).

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Source: Google News Sweden | Netizen 24 Sweden

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